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How To Help Your New Dog Adjust To His New Home

How To Help Your New Dog Adjust To His New Home Posted on 22/09/2017

Planning to bring a new dog into your home?

I’m sure you and your entire family can’t wait to meet him or her. Dogs are fun and exciting to be around; that’s why we can’t get enough of them. However, creating a strong bond with your new best friend is going to take some time.

Here are some key tips to help your dog adjust to his new environment faster and create a strong bond from day one:

Be Patient and Understanding I know how tempting it is to start doing various things with your new dog right away. You want to introduce them to your family members, neighbors, other pets in the family etc. But doing all that at once will only overwhelm him and make him stressed, so patience is key. Remember that your home is a completely new environment for your dog – with new sounds, surroundings, sights, and smells. Therefore, if he seems fearful or shy to interact with the rest of the family, be patient and understanding. He needs time to adjust and feel comfortable in this new family and home. Based on his personality and experience, he’ll be able to warm up to you and bond with you in a couple of days or months.

Set A Schedule For Your New Dog and Stick To It I can’t stress this enough. All dogs, both young and old love having a routine to follow. They thrive better on a routine since it teaches them what is expected of them at any time. Therefore, if you want to help your new dog adjust faster to his new home, set a schedule for him from the first day you bring him home. The sooner he learns the way things are done around your home, the more comfortable he’ll become. You can help your dog adjust faster to his new environment by doing things that will become part of his daily routine every day at the same time. This includes feeding, going for daily walks, going to bed, going for potty breaks, relaxing and cuddling, playing games or doing other forms of activities around your home. Consistency With Rules is Key Before bringing in a new canine addition to your home, you and your entire family should be on the same page regarding which behaviors are acceptable and which ones are not. For instance, it’s very unfair for you to punish a dog for sitting on the furniture when your husband/wife or children encourage him to do so.

When every family member is consistent and clear with the rules, your dog will definitely learn and adjust faster to his new home. It will also prevent unnecessary frustration on the dog. Give Him His Own Space Lastly, you also need to create a comfortable space for your dog where he can retreat when tired. It’s normal for dogs to feel a bit scared, overwhelmed or fearful in the first couple of days in a new environment, so creating for him a comfortable crate, spot or bed and letting him have some time for himself can help him adjust faster. With a positive attitude, patience, and consistency, you can make your new dog feel at home sooner so you can start enjoying your time together. He’ll become your best friend in no time.