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Keeping Your Dog Safe During The Hunting Season

Keeping Your Dog Safe During The Hunting Season Posted on 26/09/2017

You don’t have to keep your four-legged friend indoors just because it’s the hunting season. As long as you’re knowledgeable about your surroundings and is willing to take the necessary precautions to keep your dog out of harm’s way, both of you can enjoy the outdoors without any problems. Here are a few safety tips to help you keep your pet safe during the hunting season.

Never Leave Your Pet Unattended Outdoors

This applies to all dog owners, especially those who live in the countryside. Just because your home is clearly labeled, private property doesn’t mean all unwanted guests will stay away. If the area is a good hunting ground, there are chances that some hunters will climb your fence to hunt over there. Therefore, don’t leave your dog in the yard or anywhere else outside your house unattended. This will greatly reduce his chances of accidentally being shot by hunters.

Know When the Hunting Season Officially Starts

Since local hunting seasons vary from state to state, it’s very important that your check with the wildlife or hunting agency in your local state to know exactly when the season officially starts and ends. On the same note, you should also check with your local wildlife agency to find out the places where hunting is allowed. Some public parks allow hunting while other don’t. It depends on the rules and regulations in your state.

Don’t Go To The Woods During The Weekends Or On Opening Day

Avoid going to the woods with your dog during the weekend or on the official opening day of the hunting season since many hunters are likely to go out. With so many people and dogs out there, you never know what might happen.

Wear Bright Colors While In The Woods

During the hunting season, avoid wearing clothing in earth or neutral tones as they make you blend with your surroundings. Instead, you and your dogs should wear bright colored clothes while in the woods. This makes you and your pet stand out within your surrounding and easily visible to other hunters. If your dog seems uncomfortable with a vest or clothing on, you can tie a bright colored bandana on him in addition to a reflective collar. Consider attaching a bell your pet’s collar to make it easier for him to be tracked in case he gets lost chasing after a wild animal. And if you’re worried about the noise from the bell, don’t be. Your dog’s safety is more important. Also, don’t assume that other hunters see you. It’s in your best interest to get their attention immediately you spot them nearby.

Keep Your Pet On A Leash

If your pet likes chasing things, there are high chances that he’ll be tempted to chase after wildlife while in the woods. So, make sure that you keep him on a reflective leash the entire time. This not only prevents him from running off but also makes him visible to other hunters.

Carry A Flashlight

Lastly, if you plan to go hunting very early in the morning or late in the evening, carry a flashlight with you to increase your visibility. With these simple tips, you can enjoy the outdoors safely with your dog during the hunting season.